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First of all I thank my Beloved Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ for the conception & implementation of the Plan of Salvation! What an incredible feat to bless and enrich our lives and save our eternal souls, and I also thank them for blessing me far beyond my natural abilities to accomplish these lessons. There is not a day that goes by that my heart is not full to the brim with gratitude for my blessings.

Secondly, I thank the Holy Spirit of God, who daily taught and directed me in this endeavor. It was an humbling spiritual experience. I know of nothing so elevating and yet so very laborious. I learned quickly that these lessons were not mine, but rather the Lord’s - I was simply a vessel. Sometimes when I tried to take off on my own, or implant my own opinion in the text, I found I was unable to continue until I specified it was my own opinion, or took it out entirely.

I must also thank my wonderful husband, John W. Max. He is an incredible individual who has loved, protected and supported me through tremendous trials - and bore up under his own trials with great faith and resolve as Satan heavily assaulted him as well. He calls life a "great adventure" and takes on each new trial as something exciting and challenging. He has loved and cared for our nine children with unending patience and concern far beyond any expectations. He also set a great example for our foster children as well. We have all loved his great sense of humor and marvel at his zest for life and ability to motivate others to greater heights. He’s been like a strong wind that picks us all up and delivers us to safety. I cannot exclude his great love of the Father and the Son and his dedication to the gospel. He too has experienced "feasting" upon the words of Christ, and has deeply felt of the Spirit guiding him as well.
I must also thank Jade Hansen and Nathan Hoffmen. I think most people realize that when Satan wants to block us from accomplishing a work for the Lord, his efforts are not always directed at just the person given that assignment. What a story we will all be able to tell on the other side for you have all endured many many trials and tribulations. I love you all.
I am also grateful to Ruby Morey and her son, Robert (owners of 1400 AM KSRR (K-Star radio)) and 96.7 (KQMB FM radio), who had faith in my abilities, and made it possible for me to present these lessons live over the air each week for almost 20 years. Their love of the Lord and His message strengthened them when the Adversary assaulted them for providing the catalyst to get these lessons to you. They were also responsible for  the Christmas & LDS music and programs everyone took for granted for so many years here in Utah valley. Bob was the originator of the Sounds of Sunday programming which was later incorporated by other radio stations. In spite of financial hardship, he refused any advertising that might detract from the message of the station to uphold righteous principles; and he also was the first in Utah to originate the Christmas music programming. For all this they struggled financially and at times it was as if they hung on to the station by their fingernails. Their lives are and were ones of sacrifice (at this writing Robert Morey has now passed to the other side). His brother Richard is now helping his mother to continue this legacy. Thank you all so much dear friends.
When I finally reached the point of considering publishing these gospel doctrine lessons on the Internet, I prayed about it and I received a call from Wayne Andrews, a listener, who asked me if I was prepared to extend my audience to the internet. I told him that I felt that it was now time to do so, and he said, "I have been saving a domain name for you." I replied, "What is that?" and he explained the workings of the Internet to me and informed me that he had been inspired to register and hold "" for me, and he had been paying for it for a number of years - and now he would turn it over to me as a gift! At that point we began the long and arduous journey to get the Lord’s lessons transferred to the internet. What a surprising blessing you were to this effort Wayne, for being so open to the Spirit and so generous! Thank you.
I am also grateful for the many Board Operators who ran the board for me over the years for my live shows, and who also participated in the struggle to bring this information to you, both at the station and in their personal lives. One in particular was Lindsay Krey, a graduate of UVU, who was an Assistant Station Manager at K-Star and Board Operator who took the lessons and edited some of them and put them on another computer format for me. It required months of work. She also helped me when I struggled to learn two difficult radio programs so I could do some of my own editing. I’m sure I drove her crazy with my questions on the computer, the Internet and electronics but she was incredibly patient and kind even when I would forget and she would have to re-teach me. Without her followup and skills, I doubt if I would have considered it possible for me to put these on the Internet. Thank you Lindsay.
I think most of us have dear friends, and certainly we appreciate all of them, but I owe a special thanks to Lynne & Val Killian. For over thirty years they have been there for us. We raised our children together and supported one another through every trial and tribulation imaginable. They have been such a blessing. Lynne was there - daily - for months (after I was in a terrible car accident) feeding me, cleaning my house, and generally just being a support. As I had a severe head injury, it took me some years to remember what she really did and properly thank her. They have been a perfect example of what true Saints are all about and they were very supportive of the years I spent on the air. I’m sure, when she called, she tired of hearing the same words year after year: "I'm working on my lesson," but she never said so. Thank you both for all you have done. You are so appreciated.
I have mentioned over the years my gratitude for the writers and their books, whose work and many hours of service to the Lord in His behalf, made all this possible. I tried so hard to direct you to their materials, and if you listen carefully you will find their names and all their information and references in these, the Lord’s lessons. I have not put these lessons on hard-copy because I am not in competition with these men - my lessons are simply another venue in getting the words of the Lord out to the people. Their books are excellent and worth having in your library and overall have been approved by the Church. Thank you brethren.
And last but not least, I have to thank Nathan Hoffman, the wonderful son of Melanie and Roger Hoffman. Like his parents he is incredibly patient and talented but in a different area. Nate created my web site by helping me to find the pictures I wanted for the collections, and of course he designed everything for the site itself. He had the difficult job of re-reviewing the lessons, editing them and converting them over to my site. It took months and months and he said it was the most arduous and difficult job of his career thus far as there was so much material involved, and so much to review. After a time we were running almost on empty. We both ran out of time and money and energy to do all the necessary editing, but we think we have done the best we could and at this point we must leave the rest to the Spirit, realizing that as imperfect people we need a rest. However, Nate has recently added zip file downloads (which makes it faster and easier to download from my website to your computer) and we hope this simplifies the process of getting the lessons to you. If we find problems with the lessons, you will receive a notice of a free download to update the ones you may have purchased. Now I have asked Nate to give you his business information. He specializes in post production sound for video, TV and film but would be glad to help out with any website needs you have as well. Thank you Nate.
Nate Hoffman