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Lesson Index: Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price


Lsn 1      Introduction      7 Keys to understand O.T.
Lsn 2   Genesis 1-3,
Moses 1-4
  The Creation – this is my work & my glory
Lsn 3   Genesis 3,
Moses 4-6
Lsn 4   Genesis 4,
Moses 5-6
  Cain & Abel; Enoch
Lsn 5   Moses 6-7    Enoch
Lsn 6   Genesis 6-7,
Moses 7-8,
Book of Jasher 5-6,
Abraham 1
  Enoch; Noah; Abraham
Lsn 7   Genesis 8-11,
Abraham 1
  Nimrod; Abraham; Shem; Melchezedek
Lsn 8   Genesis 17,
Abraham 1-5
  Abraham; Creation
Lsn 9   Genesis 12-18,
Abraham 15 
  Abraham; Sarah; Hagar
Lsn 10   Genesis 18-25   Sodom & Gomorrah; Sarah; Hagar; Abraham & Isaac
Lsn 11   Genesis 22-24   Sacrifice of Isaac; Rebekah; Abraham more wives
Lsn 12   Genesis 25-34   Esau & Jacob; Rachael & Leah; twelve sons, one daughter
Lsn 13   Genesis 34-49   Jacob; Dinah; Joseph; Ephriam; Manasseh
Lsn 14   Genesis 50,
Exodus 4
  Blessing Jacob’s posterity; Joseph’s prophesies; Moses
Lsn 15   Moses 1,
Exodus 4-14
  Moses & Abraham saw God, had visions; Apocrypha - Plagues
Lsn 16   Exodus 14-19   Moses – Ten Commandments
Lsn 17   Exodus 20-34  

Ten Commandments; Laws to govern a nation; Holy days and festivals

Lsn 18   Exodus 34,
Leviticus 10

Law of Moses a law of reparation; Moses brings commandments down mountain; Temple offerings

Lsn 19   Leviticus 10-26  

Ordinances; Washings ; Homosexuality

Lsn 20   Numbers 1-20  

Aaronic Priesthood; Seventy gathered to see God; Moses; Miriam; Aaron

Lsn 21   Numbers 14-21   Levi’s conspiracy; Plague; Aaronic Priesthood
Lsn 22   Numbers 21,
Deuteronomy 31

Moses & serpent of brass; Balaam; Tolerance; Liquidate all who would not serve the Lord; Moses closing statements; Blessings of rain & crops; Penalties for rejection; People let Him down.

Lsn 23   Deuteronomy 32,
Joshua 1-7

No retaliation against Egypt; Lord’s 10 points on warfare and soldiers behavior; 7 comparisons between Moses & Christ; Moses translated; worship of Baal; Rahab; Walls of Jerico fall.

Lsn 24   Joshua 7-end   Israel worshipped Idols, lost battle; Achan hid idol; Man cannot hide sin from God; Holy oath; Canaanites; Earth stood still in heat of battle – not sun; Ezra Taft Benson – modern Israel promise; Gain promised blessings through work; Canaan divided between 12 tribes; Six cities of refuge.
Lsn 25   Judges   Israel didn’t want to fight anymore; Generation knew not the Lord; Deborah and Barak; Jael kills Sisera; Gideon; Soldiers drank at the river.
Lsn 26   Judges 1,
Ruth 1
  Gold epihod a snare to Gideon; Abimelech killed; Samson and Delilah; Ruth; Naomi & Boaz.
Lsn 27   Samuel 1-11   Concubine killed; High Priest Eli mixed idol worship with that of Jehovah; Hannah; Samuel the boy; Sacred Arc; Samuel’s sons a disappointment; Lord gave people a king – “They rejected me”; Warning to modern leaders from Samuel; Saul chosen & anointed king.
Lsn 28   I Samuel 13-15   Arc of the Covenant; Tabernacle; Samuel’s sons; Saul & Jonathan; Story of Jews.
Lsn 29   I Samuel 16-23  

David anointed by Samuel; David goes to Saul; Goliath; David’s successes anger Saul; Jonathan’s friendship; David would not slay Saul.

Lsn 30   I Samuel 24-
II Samuel 6
  Samuel dies; Saul pursues David; David marries Abigail; Saul seeks a witch; Saul and sons die; Abner and Joab.
Lsn 31   II Samuel 5-12,
I Corinthians,
  Abner; David’s 600 valiant men; Arc of Covenant to be brought to David; Uzzah died steadying the arc; David knew things about Christ; Pologamy; Military rotation; David and Bathsheba committed adultery; Nathan reprimands David – will spend time in hell.
Lsn 32   II Samuel 12,
II Samuel 24
  David and Bathsheba’s child dies; Nathan prophecies evil to come from House of David; Amnon rapes sister; Absalom kills Amnon; Joab got Absalom reinstated to court; Absalom turns on David; Shimei shames David; Joab kills Absalom contrary to David’s orders.
Lsn 33   II Samuel 21,
I Kings 1-11
  David son Adoijah – heir apparent; However David instructs Zadok the priest to anoint Solomon; Solomon has dream – given wisdom, riches, honor, long life; Solomon builds temple, dedicates it, miracle, sacrifice Consumed; Solomon saw God.
Lsn 34   I Kings 11,
  Rehoboam; Jeroboam; Northern tribes (Israel) and Southern tribes (Judah); Characteristics of heathen worship; Jeroboam arm withered; Ahijah prophesies; King Asa; Brigham Young on trials for being exalted.
Lsn 35   II Kings 15-18   King Asa; Jeroboam died – replaced by Nadab; Baasha murdered Nadab; Asa signed treaty with Syria; Ahab & Jezebel reigns; Nimrod comes to power; Elijah raises Dead boy; Elijah’s contest between Jehovah & Baal’s Priests; Elijah passes mantle to Elisha & is translated.
Lsn 36   I Kings 19,
II Kings 4

War with Syria; Ahab calls Syrian king brother; Jehoshaphat; Micah prophesies; More on Elijah & Elisha; Moabites attack Israel.

Lsn 37   II Kings,
II Chronicles
  Elisha commands King Jehoram to wash in the river Jordan seven times to cleanse of leprosy; Lord opened Elisha’s servants eyes to see hosts of heaven; King Jehoram died (woman dropped stone); Elisha prophesies Syrian army disappears; King Hazael brutal reign; Jehu Anointed Israel’s king - Kills Johoram & Jezebel: reign of Jehoash; Zechariah stoned at temple; Jehu dies; Elisha prophesies and dies.
Lsn 38   II Chronicles,
Jonah, Amos,
  Modern man swallowed by whale; Various stories of prophets; Oddball eccentrics – out of step.
Lsn 39   II Chronicles 28  

Micah & Isaiah’s contemporaries; History up to Isaiah; Assyrian king Pul.

Lsn 40   Joel, Amos;
Hosea, Micah,
  Prophesy on last days – great Gentile cities defenseless; Lamanites potential threat to Gentiles; Isaiah obscure to protect those not able to bear it; Understanding Isaiah; Repent or be wiped out by war; Men will worship the earth; World government; Quotes from Apocrypha.
Lsn 41   Isaiah 2-9   Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess; Social chaos & oppression; Hair styles & tattoos; Daughters of latter- day Zion condemned; Saints receive divine protection; Parable of the vineyard; Lord lifts an ensign to nations; Many different worlds; Isaiah’s vision; Isaiah’s sons given prophetic names; reviews history.
Lsn 42   Isaiah 9-20,
Moses 4

Apocrypha writings; Judges warned; Sennacherib of Syria; Stem of Jesse; Branch of David; Lucifer; Plan of Salvation.

Lsn 43   Isaiah (a review),
Isaiah 17 -21

America will prosper – be protected from invaders; Lord merciful to gentiles; Drunkeness & partying prevail; Prophecy of modern Egypt; Latter-day prophecies; has vision of Babylonians; The struggle for the soul; Watchmen asleep – enemy had access through breaches; People lazy & decatant, won’t fight for freedoms.

Lsn 44   Isaiah 23-28   Trials brought because of sin on selves; Lord will preach His own sermons; Universal cleansing; Cities in confusion and broken down; No city a refuge; In Zion is security; Planet staggers; Dead gathered in Spirit Prison; Millennial era; Veil removed; Wicked not acknowledge it is the Lord – say it's Mother Nature; Naval power punished; Israel & Judah face judgments; Murderous combinations get above you.
Lsn 45   Isaiah 29-37  

Isaiah prophesies of Book of Mormon to come forth in latter days – it would speak out of the ground; Pronounces woes on secret combinations of latter days; God’s strange act – familiar spirit; Lord will protect His People; Warns wealthy & idle women of latter days; Battle of Armageddon; Righteous flee to holy places; King Hezekiah.

Lsn 46   Isaiah 40-45   Jerusalem’s warfare over; Lord instructs saints to gather to the mountains; Savior will appear; Saints mightily tested but will overcome; Special blessing “not weary”; About Christ; Irrigation; ‘They have been weary of me”; Cyrus the Persian King; Understanding God & progression; Life a ‘play.’
Lsn 47   Isaiah 46-55  

Conquerers to show mercy to those they conquer; Babylon boastful – superior in wisdom and knowledge; Turned to enchantments and from God; Jewish baptism; Prophets trained & refined – then teach; Reference Book of Mormon; Bill of divorcement; Wait on God, He will protect us; Awake saints of latter days!; Be wise stewards – Lord’s work accompanied with suffering & travail; Jesus like men in appearance; Christ’s agony; Lamb to the slaughter; Joint heirs; Food storage; Lord holds converts accountable.

Lsn 48   Isaiah 56-65  

Lord speaks to converts; Watchmen are blind to protect them; Children born to parents in immorality; People abase themselves to hell; Won’t repent so God won’t hear them - give appearance of Christians but are not; A proper fast will cleanse us and God will hear; Clothe needy especially our own; God withdrew because of our iniquities; People’s judgment flawed & lead unsatisfying lives; Wicked wail for relief but it doesn’t come; No justice or equity; Righteous gathered; Saints persecuted in last days – must endure valiantly to receive blessings; Earth removed from her place; Earth dramatically changed; Clarion call gone forth; Repent or suffer “as I.”

Lsn 49   Isaiah 65-66  

Jeremiah. Where is the house ye build unto me?; against the people; One or two will be taken; Reform or war & desolation come; Who is a righteous person?; He who has offended me, him shall I blot out of the Book of Life; Fullness of iniquity – more choose evil than good; The harvest is past, the summer is ended and we are not saved; Why do the wicked prosper?; Jeremiah would go with captives; Lord says: ‘Diminish not a word’; Jeremiah commanded not to marry, feast, or mourn; “But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire”; Baruch called as scribe; Vision of the two baskets of figs; Iron yoke put on Jeremiah; Jeremiah prophesies called treasonous – weakening the nation; Zedekiah blinded and sons killed – arc plundered; Vessels of honor; Jeremiah in court in Jerusalem; Daniel in court of Babylon; Ezekiel with exiles in Babylonia.

Lsn 50   Ezekiel 1-37   Ezekiel saw God on his throne; Sun worship; Allegory Of the Two Eagles & Cedar Tree; Allegory of the Vine and Its Branches; Darius elevated Daniel to one of three Presidents; J. Smith – If you could gaze into heaven for five minutes.
Lsn 51   Ezekiel 37-47,
Daniel 1-12
  Many prophets called to warn – Patrick Henry “Give me liberty or give me death”; Ezra Taft Benson – Our people “too broad-minded” - lukewarm in beliefs; Take thee two sticks; Lord speaks; What do the Gentiles mean?; Gog & battle of Armageddon; Summarized sins of the people; dimensions of latter-day temple; Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach & Abed-nego; Daniel interprets dreams; Latter-day wicked king.
Lsn 52   Job,
Haggai &
  Daniel interpreting Belshazzar’s dream; Job’s story; Why do righteous suffer?; Cyrus the Persian King; 50,000 Jews returned to Jerusalem; Cyrus killed and replaced by son Darius; Prophet Haggai commanded the people build a temple; Symbolism of different colored horses; Zechariah had eight visions; Two particular sins condemned – theft and perjury. Millennium.
Lsn 53   Zechariah,
  City of Jerusalem measured; Christ came riding on an ass; Latter-day appearance of the Messiah; JEWISH HOPE – three prophets appeared Sept. 1950; ‘Two part of Israel’ – Ten lost tribes & dispersed; King Darius dies and Xerxes new king. Story of Esther – Haman - Mordecai; Nehemiah has history of Jews down to a later date & he demanded social reforms; Ezra collected scriptures and read the law to the people; Malachi was the last of the prophets; told of the Lord’s anger for unfaithful priesthood bearers – left wives, talks of sacrifice and blessings for paying tithing. Keep covenants; Geneology – turn hearts of fathers to children; Edited talk by Melvin J. Ballard- ‘Struggle for the Soul’, New Era, March 1984, p. 32.