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I constantly review the lessons which you present on the standard works of the Church and I find I learn something new every time I do. I didn’t think that was possible as I felt I had a good understanding of the gospel, but you have raised the bar for us all. Thank you so much Donna for all the time this must have taken you to do this. What a mission!
- James T. - Idaho

I can’t get enough of these lessons. I mean that. I feel the Spirit holding my attention,
and time after time I find that I am in tears, or elevated, or just plain excited about what
I am learning. These are amazing.
- Angus W.T. - New York

I want my sons to hear these lessons before they go on their missions. In fact we are giving them to all of our family so they will use these for their individual study. Even though they are about an hour long, I never want them to stop. Now I understand what it means to feed on the scriptures. Having a correct understanding of them changes everything.
- Marcus P. - San Diego, California

I want everyone in my country to hear these lessons. We have nothing like them in South Africa. Your voice is very clear and though you have an “American” accent, it is a delight to listen to you. Soon, because of these lessons, hopefully we’ll be caught up in doctrine with the American Saints, and who knows one day we might surpass them!!!
- Michael O. - South Africa

Why don’t more people have these???? You have to be one of the most gifted teachers in the Church. The Lord has truly blessed you - may He continue to do so.
- Cynthia R. - Nephi, Utah

WOW, these are great!! When I heard about these lessons, I thought - “Oh well yea right - gospel doctrine, so boring - I get enough of that at Church. ”.....but after my friend encouraged me to listen to them I have been hooked. I am now considering a mission. I didn’t feel qualified before, and I didn’t feel worthy, but now I can’t wait to share with others what I have learned.
- David N. - Nevada

I have the OT lessons on my iPod so I listen to them while I am on the road. They are just so awesome. I have played excerpts of a lesson in class and will do more. So glad I happened on them! Parts of your lessons may go over our students' heads somewhat (they range in age 18 to 30) so it just depends how far along they are in their scripture studies. I have only to get one more collection before I have all four.
- Terry (Institute teacher) - Texas

There is a not a week that goes by that my husband and I don’t listen to your lessons on
the radio. It's nice to know that you are now on two radio stations at different times so
if we miss a lesson we can pick it up later. It is the highlight of our week.
- Delores - Orem, Utah

I started listening to your lessons about a year and a half ago, and realized that I missed 18 years of your programs, so I am purchasing all the collections while they are still available. With religion under attack in this country, one never knows if sermons will be pulled off the air, and I want to make sure I add these to my library. Thank you for all your work. They are nothing short of incredible.
- Chase - Mapleton, Utah

I have often wondered if I would be as brave as you to tackle gospel principles, when so many are under attack today and are not politically correct. You are always direct and honest with how you deal with these issues, and its makes me feel good to know that someone is unafraid to speak up for God’s laws. You are in my prayers.
- Lindsay - Spanish Fork, Utah

Donna, I am a regular listener to your Gospel Doctrine radio program every Friday from 9:00a.m. to l0:00a.m. You give a very knowledgeable, spiritual lesson each week, and I am very impressed with your preparation and delivery. I enjoy your program so much that I wish I could go back and listen to the shows that I missed. Which brings me to my question - is there a way that I can listen to past programs, or even current programs if I am wanting to listen to them again and again? ...Thanks again for giving of your time and your phenomenal talent in delivering such a wonderful program!
- Tom P.

Hi Donna - I love your Friday morning gospel discussions, they are so powerful! And I love your voice. It is absolutely soothing to me.....I know that Heavenly Father raises up special people to complete special missions, and you are one of His champions....
- Brian A.

Dear Donna: Your dissertation today on K-Star Radio on the life and martydom of Joseph Smith was simply brilliant. It was so emotionally poignant to me I had to recover for a couple of hours before listening to my recording of your show again. You should receive a doctorate for all your work, study, and time. Furthermore, your choice of words are eloquent and the pacing and emotion in your voice were very touching. I can't even imagine one person could have so many talents to put into one hour performance and into one hour I will never forget. It is emblazoned on my heart forever. Thank you.
- Susie

Dear Sister Max: As usual, you pull all the elements or aspects together and present them as a whole and say, "see!!" I've just looked at individual things - like separate flowers - and then you hand me a bouquet and it makes a world of difference. I know it's not feasible, but I sure wish your program was longer... I always want more!!
- Vickie B.

Dear Donna - You are so amazing. I think what you are doing is great and I am so excited about the coming forth of your CD's and would like to get all four sets. Thank you so much for your classes and for the love I feel coming over the radio when you teach.
- Sandra M.

Dear Donna - I recently heard two of your programs. They were great - I just enjoyed them so much. Thank you for all the good you are doing to help increase our knowledge (and testimony) of the gospel.
- Rose H.

Dear Donna: I was leaving the Church because I didn't think there was anything more to learn. Somehow the Lord directed me to your program, and I have never been so humbled. I am so grateful, and I want you to know that I am addicted now to your shows. God bless you for what you do.
- Victor S.

Dear Donna: My Mother had left the Church, and because of your lessons, she was reinstated in the Church and died with an incredible testimony of its truthfulness. Thank you, thank you.
- Darlane R.

Dear Donna: I am not a member of your Church, but I have felt compelled to join with you each week over the past year as you have taught your Gospel Doctrine show each week on the Doctine and Covenants and the history of your Church. I have a much better understanding now of the Mormons and I realize that not only are they Christians, but they have a better understanding of the scriptures than do most of us. I am looking forward to learning more.
- Carolyn S.

Dear Donna: Our whole family had fallen away from the Church. I know now it was simply because we didn't really understand doctrine. It was easy for us to be deceived by others not of the LDS faith. When I heard you, I was riveted to the radio - it was as if you were talking to me and to my family and explaining those things which we didn't really understand. We all began to listen and it was like coming alive again . We are back active in the Church and know that it was because of these wonderful lessons, and the Spirit of the Lord that attends them. Now, because you have gotten us deeper into the scriptures, we can explain our faith to others, and be firm in our faith. We are all striving to be the missionary that you are.
- George B.

Dear Donna: I now know, more than ever, that we have to read and understand the scriptures if we are to know truth and if we don't understand , then we have to go to the words of the General Authorities as you have done each week to help us to comprehend what the Lord wants us to know. As you have quoted from their writings, there are times when I feel I can almost hear their voices as they explain these things to us - it's as if I have always known these things but now I know them in a whole new way. Thank you for your hours of service in our behalf. I hope to be able to enjoy more of your programs
- Robert M.

Dear Donna: I know this sounds crazy but I run home every Friday from work and take an early lunch hour just so I can tape your shows at home from the radio. I review them often - and they have changed my life. One day I hope you can make them available for sale, but in case you don't, I don't want to miss a single word.
- Elizabeth P.

Dear Donna: ...You are not only an outstanding missionary but a "stabilizer" for those who are members of the Church. I called the station and was told that you have been on the air for almost 20 years, teaching here in Utah valley, and I only recently stumbled upon you. I have missed so much. Though I cannot always catch your program, each time I do it's a spiritual feast. Even if I'm busy I have to sit down and listen.
- Dale R.

Dear Donna: I contacted the Church's Sunday School Program to thank them for letting you teach us all, and to tell them what a wonderful missionary you are and what a great example you are of how to teach Gospel Doctrine, or Sunday School.
- Paul M.

Dear Donna: I, and many of my children, are Gospel Doctrine teachers in our respective wards and it is wonderful to sit down and listen to your lessons before we give our individual lessons each week. Your perspective helps us to develop our own lessons, and to further grasp the concepts we will be teaching. Thank you so much. We can't wait to get your lessons on the internet so we can listen to them over and over again. Thank you for all you do.
- Gregg

Dear Donna: I had no idea anything could change my life as dramatically as have your lessons. I can't properly express my gratitude.
- Brian R.

Dear Sister Max: I am a busy mother, so I don't always have the time to sit down and read the scriptures. I am excited to know that you are going to be putting your lessons on CD's so I can listen at my leasure and not get behind.
- Joyce P.

Dear Donna: I can't go to Church anymore, because I am in my 80's and it is hard for me to sit for so long, or to read, but your shows each Friday over the radio help me to stay spiritual. I love the way you teach, and I know that you have made it possible for me to continue to learn. I don't feel guilty any more for not being able to go to Church, or left out. And, most of all I know the Lord loves me, because through your lessons I still feel a part of the Church and the gospel. These lessons are such a blessing to me. Thank you for all your hard work over the years for those of us who are disabled.
- Elaine P.

Dear Donna: My wife and I have learned so much from your shows each week. Because of them, and the inspiriation that comes to us from the Spirit of the Lord when we listen, we now feel that we can serve a mission. We want to be able to access your lessons so we can be more prepared as we teach the gospel. Please tell us that you will be on the internet soon.
- William P.

In my opinion the beauty,  of Donna’s lessons,  are that they aren’t always  giving us the same information, in the same format that we’ve heard so many times.  It’s not that she doesn’t give accurate doctrinal information or have the Spirit, she does – she just teaches differently and moves quickly, and I find her lessons so interesting and compelling,

-B.J. Higgins

These lessons are wonderful.  Not only does Donna cover the Book of Mormon but she adds a greater depth of understanding by bringing in additional items of interest that enhance the lesson. For instance, after reviewing or reading from the Book of Mormon, she often  quotes  from the actual words of the prophets, and then she might bring in a variety of  past or current events, or stories. It just provides for variety. It’s obvious the Spirit guides these lessons for our day.   I prefer this type of teaching.

-Trevor James

Some of Donna’s lessons are so spiritually impactful that it’s difficult to take it all in, in one sitting, so I listen to parts of it all week long, and love it.  I learn SOO much! 

-David Sanders

You have to be someone who wants more understanding of the scriptures to study with Donna, otherwise you might find yourself run over by her speed and agility in covering mounds of material. So then,  if you desire scholarship in religion, you’ll find none more fascinating  as she covers the full body of religion.  At times her lessons are so powerfully directed by the Spirit that they leave one riveted and exhausted.  

-George.B.  Anderson

There is one problem with Donna’s lessons and that is … once the Spirit, who  attends these lessons, grabs you, you are hooked.  I was driving down the road and I had to pull over to give full attention to what I was hearing.   I have never had to do that before.   

-Dan Lewis

These are  some of the most defining lessons of our time.  Unfortunately, for most of us they must be listened to it in segments.  There is no time to take a lot of notes because Donna moves so fast, but I far prefer that to slow, boring lessons.  I have copied them on multiple devices and whenever I have a moment I pull them up, so I can move forward with the lessons, or rewind to review certain principles or ideas.  They brighten my day and I am being enriched by the gospel of the Lord. 

-Carley Stevens

I like these lessons.  Sometimes Donna apparently has to cover some doctrine that moves a little slower because of its nature, but if you stay with her you might be pleasantly surprised because  the second half  may contain something you don’t want to miss. I’m sure it’s because she wants to leave you uplifted and so  she brings in some amazing stories. I almost missed out on one very special story I needed in my life.   

-Susan Regeant